How to deploy Securly to iPad using TabPilot MDM?


You can choose to deploy the Securly solution to your iPads using any of the MDMs such as FileWave, TabPilot, Airwatch etc. We support most of the popular MDM solutions.

To deploy Securly using TabPilot MDM you would need to undertake the following steps:

  1. Login to your TabPilot MDM and create a new profile.

  2. Navigate to ‘Network Profiles’ and upload the ‘new_securly_self_signed_cert_exp_20200130.der’ certificate under the ‘Certificate’ tab.

  3. Under the ‘Global Proxy’ tab, select ‘Auto’ from the ‘Proxy’ dropdown.
  4. Input the PAC File URL provided by Securly in the ‘Proxy PAC URL’ field.

  5. Select the checkbox for ‘Proxy Captive Login’.


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