How to deploy Securly to iPads using SchoolMDM / Securly Device Console


To deploy Securly using TechPilot you would need to undertake the following steps:

  1. Download the certificates 
    • Later this Fall, Securly's current SSL Certificate will expire. We have provisioned a brand new SSL Certificate available below which expires in 2034. While to get up and running today you only need to have the original SSL Certificate Installed, we recommend that you install both SSL Certificates at the same time to ensure when the original expires, you are at no loss of service. 

        Expires 2020 Cert Expires 2034 Cert
      School MDM securly_ca_2020.crt securly_ca_2034.crt
  2. Login to TechPilot Control Tower. https://ct.techpilotlabs.commceclip5.png
  3. Navigate to ‘Network Profiles’ and add a new profile or choose an existing one and switch to the ‘Certificate’ tab. Upload the file ‘securly_ca_2020.crt’ and repeat for 'securly_ca_2034.crt'.

  4. Under the ‘Global Proxy’ tab, select ‘Auto’ from the ‘Proxy’ dropdown.
  5. Input the PAC File URL provided by Securly in the ‘Proxy PAC URL’ field.
  6. Select the checkbox for ‘Proxy Captive Login’.mceclip3.png


Note: You can follow the same method to install the Securly SmartPac solution. Please contact the Securly support team for your SmartPAC URL.

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