How to run Dr. House on a Windows machine?


Dr. Houses is a debug tool from Securly that lets you certify that your networks are up and running correctly. Dr. House launches a series of automated checks meant to detect the most common network misconfigurations.

You can send us the debug results and our team will let you know if there are any network configuration issues that you need to worry about.

Please note that Dr. House is meant to be executed only on the client OS and not the server OS.

To run Dr. House:

  1. Download the correct tool for your applicable OS and OS bit as per your region cluster (US West, US East, EU West*). The tools are attached at the end of this article.
  2. Download the correct zip file and extract its contents.
  3. Now open the "dist" folder.
  4. Within the "dist" folder, navigate to "DrHouse", right click and select "Run as administrator".
  5. Upon launching, enter your school’s internal domain name (if you have one) and press Enter.
  6. Once the tool has completed running it will generate a ‘.html’ file titled "Securly_Debug_Report_XXX" with XXX being the current date and time encoded.
  7. Send us this file at so that we can review the findings with you.


*You can verify what cluster you belong to by logging into your Admin UI. Once you log in, the URL would reflect your cluster:

  1. US WEST:
  2. US East:
  3. EU West:


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