Dr. House - Windows - EUWest


This support KB article summarizes the steps you need to take to run the Securly Debug Tool and send us the results. We will get back to you in in the next day or two on whether there are any network configuration issues that you need to worry about.

  1. Download the correct tool for your applicable OS and OS bit which are attached to the bottom of this article.

  2. After downloading the correct zip file below, please extract the contents of the zip file.

  3. After extracting the contents please open the "dist" folder

  4. Within the "dist" folder please locate "DrHouse" and right click it and select "Run as administrator"

  5. Upon launching, please enter your schools internal domain name (if you have one) and press enter

  6. Once the tool is completed running it will generate a .html titled "Securly_Debug_Report_XXX" with XXX being the current date and time encoded.

  7. Please send us this file to Support@Securly.com so that we can review the findings with you.
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