How to install the Securly Chrome Extension in 5 minutes


Issue: You would like to install the Securly Chrome Extension for Chromebooks 

Environment: Chromebooks



 Follow along with our Chromebook Extension video (1m 24s) or follow the step-by-step instructions below. 


  1. Login to as a Google Apps Super Admin.
  2. Navigate to Device Mangement > Chrome Management > User Settings.

  3. Select your OU on the left-hand side containing your OU that wish to have the extension. This should be a User OU.  It will not apply to Chromebook Device OUs.
  4. On the right-hand side navigate to "Force-Installed Apps and Extensions" and select "Manage force-installed apps"
  5. On the "Force-installed Apps and Extensions" page select "Specify a Custom App"
  6. While installing a custom app (Securly For Chromebooks in the video) please use the following values for the ID and URL text fields:
    For ID: iheobagjkfklnlikgihanlhcddjoihkg 
    For URL:
  7. Please do not forget to click "Save"

While the above does install our extension it is highly recommended that other items also be changes to be secure your Chromebook deployment. Please see this KB article: that has our Chromebook best practices attached.

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