How to install the Securly Chrome Extension?


The Securly Chrome extension is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started with Chromebook filtering (and it is free!).

If you already use Securly for web filtering at your school and want to install the Chrome extension on your Chromebooks, you can do so within 5 minutes by logging into your Google admin console.

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings


  1. Select an OU for which you want to install the extension and scroll to ‘Apps and Extensions’.
  2. Select ‘Manage force-installed apps’ in front of the ‘Force-installed Apps and Extensions’ field.


  1. A pop-up will be launched. Select ‘Specify a Custom App’


  1. Input the ID and URL with the details below and click ‘Add’. The Securly Chrome extension will be displayed in the right-hand column. Click ‘Save’.

         ID: iheobagjkfklnlikgihanlhcddjoihkg



  1. Click ‘Save’ again after the popup closes.

This process will push the Securly Chrome extension on all the Chromebooks belonging to the OU selected.  

You can check out the installation video here. It is also accessible by clicking ‘Help’ in your Securly admin account and check out our Best Practices for Chromebook document attached to this article. 

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