Navigating the Discern UI - Data Analyst

Navigating the Discern Data Analyst Interface

Explore the power of the Discern Data Analyst, a robust tool at the heart of unlocking actionable insights and crafting tailored reports. This feature seamlessly guides users through the creation of bespoke reports, from foundational understanding to the nuanced analysis of findings. Whether answering specific questions, uncovering correlations, or extracting meaningful insights, the Data Analyst stands as a dynamic ally, transforming raw data into intelligence for informed decision-making.

Overview of the Data Analyst Interface

1. Accessing Data Analyst:

  • To access the Data Analyst, navigate to the designated section within the discern UI.

2. Live Chat Interface:

  • Upon entering the Data Analyst, you'll encounter a live chat interface. This is your gateway to asking specific questions about your data.

3. Selecting Analysis:

  • Within the live chat interface, you can select the specific analysis you want to engage with. This ensures that your questions are tailored to the dataset you are exploring.

4. Asking Questions:

  • Simply type your questions into the chat interface. For instance, you can request visualizations like breakdowns, bar charts, or any other relevant analysis. The chat interface understands and responds accordingly.

5. Pre-populated Requests:

  • Explore pre-populated requests for common analyses. These suggestions offer a quick way to ask for specific visualizations, such as breakdowns or bar charts. Clicking on these suggestions streamlines the process.

6. Session Management:

  • In the top left corner, you'll find the option to start a new session. Your chat sessions are stored, allowing you to review and reference historical conversations.

7. Renaming Chats:

  • Clicking into each chat session gives you the ability to rename it. This feature enables easy referencing and retrieval of specific conversations and their associated results.

8. Processing Time:

  • Be mindful that after submitting a request, the chat interface may take some time to process the data. During this period, you'll see a notification that the system is thinking. Once complete, the results will be displayed.


The Data Analyst interface in Discern provides a user-friendly and interactive platform for asking questions and obtaining visualizations from your dataset. Whether you're exploring pre-populated requests or crafting custom queries, this interface is designed to enhance your data analysis experience.

As you delve into the world of Discern's Data Analyst, feel free to experiment with questions and requests, gaining valuable insights from your data. Stay tuned for more detailed guides as we continue to explore the capabilities of Discern!

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