Navigating the Discern UI - User Management

Managing Users in Discern: A Guide to the Users and Invites Tabs

Welcome to the user management section of the Discern interface! In this guide, we'll explore the Users and Invites tabs, providing you with the tools to efficiently manage and invite users within the Discern platform.

Users Tab: Adding and Managing Users

1. Adding New Users

The Users tab is your control center for user management. Here, you can seamlessly add new users to the system. Simply fill out the required information, including first and last names, and email. Additionally, choose the user's role – whether they're an Account Admin with access to the entire district or a Campus Admin with specific access limited to a particular campus.

2. User Roles

  • Account Admin: Provides access to the entire district, enabling comprehensive oversight and management.
  • Campus Admin: Grants access specific to a particular campus, allowing for more focused control.

3. User Overview

Effortlessly monitor and manage your user base by accessing an overview of all current users and their respective statuses. This ensures that you have a clear picture of who has access and their level of permissions within the system.

Invites Tab: Sending Invitations

1. Sending Invitations

As a district administrator, the Invites tab is where you hold the power to extend invitations to new users. This feature enables you to selectively invite individuals based on their roles and responsibilities within the district.

How to Use the Users and Invites Tabs

  1. User Addition: Head to the Users tab to add new users by providing essential details and assigning roles.

  2. Role Selection: Choose between Account Admin and Campus Admin roles, tailoring access levels to meet specific needs.

  3. User Monitoring: Keep track of your user base with the Users tab, ensuring an up-to-date overview of all users and their statuses.

  4. Invitation Management: Utilize the Invites tab to send invitations selectively, ensuring that new users receive access based on their designated roles.

Efficient user management is pivotal for a streamlined experience within Discern. Whether you're overseeing the entire district or managing specific campuses, the Users and Invites tabs provide the necessary tools to effortlessly handle user access and permissions.

As you navigate the Discern UI for user management, use these features to optimize access, collaboration, and control within the platform. Stay tuned for more insights as we guide you through the various facets of Discern!

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