Why am I not getting any email alerts?


The Securly web filtering solution can send email alerts regarding student activities that require the school’s attention. These email alerts are sent out to the email address used to sign up for Securly, by default. You can change this email address if required.

You may not receive any email alerts if:

  1. You have switched off the notification emails from your Account Settings.
  2. The notification email address for your account is incorrect.
  3. There is no activity to report:
    1. Enabled Self Harm Notification in Global Settings
    2. Policy Level Alerts are not enabled for blocked items
  4. Email delivery restrictions have been set up for the notification email address.
  5. It could be in your Spam or Junk folder. Please add *@securly.com as an approved domain for your email system or client.
  6. Contact admin is disabled in Global Settings

Switch to notification emails

  1. Log in to your Securly portal and navigate to the ‘Accounts’ page and click on 'Account Settings'.  Nucleus UI viewAccount_settings.png 
  2. Under the ‘Notifications’ tab, toggle the On/Off switch to switch off the alerts.                        Nucleus UI view notifications.pngOlder UI viewAuditor_notificationemail1.png

Enabled Self Harm Email Notifications

  1. Login to your Securly account.
  2. Navigate to the Policy Editor > Global settings > toggle the switch to Self Harm Notifications.             Nucleus UI view self_harm_notifications.pngOlder UI viewselfharmnotification.jpg

Policy Level Alerting

  1. Login to your Securly account.
  2. Navigate to the Policy Editor > Any policy
  3. Alerts can be used for policy level violations.
  4. Toggle ''On'' to the 'Set 10 minute bans'.                                                                                                  Nucleus UI view bans.pngOlder UI viewemailalerts1.jpg
  1. Toggle the switch On to Keyword scanning.                                                                                Nucleus UI view keyword_scanning.pngOlder UI viewemailalerts2.jpg
  1. Blocked Categories (A category must be blocked when sending alert emails).                          Nucleus UI view pornography.pngOlder UI viewemailalerts3.jpg
  1. Deny item at the policy level.                                                                                                      Nucleus UI view
    purple.png Older UI view                                                                                             

Removing delivery restrictions for OU

  1. Login to your Google admin account and navigate to Apps > G Suite > Gmail and click Advanced Settings.Advanced_settings_in_Gmail.png
  2. Scroll down to ‘Restrict delivery’ under ‘Compliance’ and click ‘Configure’.restrict_delivery.png
  3. Select the list to which you want to add the domain name, or create a new one if no list exists.create_new_list.png
  4. Add the domain name ‘securly.com’ under ‘Add address or domains you want to allow’ and click on ‘Save’.Save_the_domain_name.png
  5. Click on ‘Save Settings’.

You should now start receiving email alerts at your specified email address.

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