How to restrict access to personal Gmail on school devices?

When using school devices, you may want to restrict the user’s access to only school Gmail to ensure that no questionable material is accessed on school devices.

Restrict personal Google login.

  1. Login to Securly Filter.
  2. Navigate to the Policy Editor > Global Settings.
  3. Enter the school domain(s) and any other relevant domains you may want to allow access to in the ‘Restrict Google Login to these domains’ field. Note that multiple domains can be added separately by a comma.
  4. Adding to this field negates the lockdown of this feature. To allow all domains, leave this field blank.


Bypass Google login restrictions for specific policies

However, you may want to allow teachers, staff, or other specific OUs to access their personal Gmail on school devices.

To bypass the Google login restriction at the policy level:

  1. Navigate to the Policy Editor and select the OU you want to bypass the restriction for.
  2. Toggle the switch for the ’Exclude from Google Login Restrictions’ field.


All users/ OUs to whom this policy has been assigned will be able to access their personal Gmail. Note that these users must first be signed into their school Gmail account for the bypass settings to be applied to them.

We recommend that you do not select this option for the Default Policy. This is because all users who are not signed in with their school account will automatically receive the Default Policy and be able to access their personal Gmail.

Note that this does not apply to the Guest Network Policy or Take Home Policy.

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