What’s New in Classroom 9.4 - February 2024

New Features for Substitute Teachers

We are excited to announce a set of new features specifically designed to support substitute teachers in Securly Classroom! Here’s an overview of the new functionality:

  • Substitute Teacher Role: Substitute teachers can now be added and assigned a new role with tailored permissions.
  • Substitute Teacher Scheduler: A new menu allows substitutes to be assigned to a regular teacher for a designated time period. During this period, the substitute will be able to run the assigned teacher’s classes with a limited feature set.
  • Assign Substitute Teachers Permission: A new permission called “Assign Substitute Teachers” allows you to decide who can schedule subs.

Add Co-Teachers to Synced Classes

Teachers can now manually add additional teachers (co-teachers) to classes that sync with Securly Classroom from any source (i.e. an LMS). Previously, co-teachers could only be added to manual classes. To do this, click the three dots in the upper right corner of any class card, then click Class settings, then add a teacher.


See a Student’s Current Active Class

You can now see what class a student is currently active in on the student detail page.

New Teacher Role

There are now two roles for teachers, Teacher 1 and Teacher 2, allowing for more flexibility in assigning permissions to different groups of teachers.

Other Updates

  • The icon for editing dashboard widgets has changed and moved.
  • Schoology classes now show the "School" and "Building" fields on the class details page
  • A new setting for Clever sync is available - “Create Device Console accounts for Admins”. This will sync administrator accounts to Classroom.
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