How to deploy Securly to iPad with Meraki's System Manager


Issue: Howto deploy Securly to your iPads with Meraki's System Manager 

Environment: iPads


  1. After logging into Meraki->Systems Manager->MDM->Settings
  2. Click "+" on the far right and then click "New Meraki managed profile" and then "create new profile"

  3. From Here set the name, and scope as well as a description and ensure the "Removal policy" is set to "require a password" and set a password for this

  4. Then click on "Add Settings" on the far left
  5. From the new screen select "Credential"
  6. Give this a name " Securly SSL" and then select "Choose file and navigate to the certificate from this article.
  7. On the left click on "+ Add Settings"

  8. Select the "Restrictions" option
  9. Expand out "iOS restrictions (supervised)"
  10. Scroll down to the bottom and check the box for the "Global HTTP Proxy" change the type to "Auto", in the "PAC URL" input your PAC file URL supplied by your sales engineer, check the "proxy captive login allowed" box and then click "Save" at the bottom
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