Chrome Network Dump (HAR)


Issue: A support engineer is asking for a HAR or Chrome Network Dump 

Environment: All

Cause: A HAR dump is an "Http ARchive" that is a copy of all network requests that can be used to simply troubleshooting with a support engineer.

Note:  The Chromebook best practices recommends blocking developer tools.  Developer tools are needed to capture a HAR file. 


  1. Click on Hamburger > More Tools > Developer tools or press Ctrl-Shift-I or F12 (Windows/Linux) / Cmd+Shift+I (MacOS)
  2. Select the tab Network and ensure that preserve log and disable cache are activated.
  3. Goto the URL that you are having issues with and reproduce your issue
  4. Verify that there are many entries in the developer tool bar
  5. Right click the mouse on any of the entries and select "Save as HAR with content"
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