Release Notes - February 2024


Securly Reveal is introducing a new feature called Approvals. This feature addresses the need for schools to specify which apps/sites are approved for use by the school/district, track data privacy agreements, and share that information with parents.


Previously, schools had to manually manage this information and then add it to their public-facing websites. With the new Approvals feature in Securly Reveal, schools can now easily mark which apps/sites are approved for use by the school/district after assessing the privacy policy, third-party agreements, and compliance with accordance with state or local laws. Reveal will also generate a publicly accessible page that they can add to their website that is directly updated and managed in Reveal.


This new feature aims to streamline the process of managing app approvals, which are becoming increasingly necessary as part of state laws related to student data privacy. An example of this is the Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act


Here is a KB Article describing how to use the feature.


Other Reveal (and Dyknow Classroom) Updates

SFTP server update

As part of our commitment to security and student data privacy, we have hardened security protocols and strengthened login protection for our SFTP server used to upload school rosters for both Reveal and Dyknow Classroom.

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