Why do my students see “You must register your location to continue”?


Problem: Your students are getting a prompt stating "You must register your location to continue"


Within Securly Admin -> Policy Editor -> Global Settings -> Require Geolocation is enabled which is what is causing this specific concern.

There are 2 ways to resolve this, one way is manually on the device itself. The alternative way is via GAfE.


To enable manually:

  1. Within Chrome, Goto the Hamburger Menu or More (...) and click on settings.

  2. At the bottom of the setting please click "Show Advanced Settings..."
  3. Under the Privacy area, please click on "Content settings..."

  4. Now under the "Locations" settings, please click setting to "Allow all sites to track your physical location" and click the done button.

To enable this within GAfE:

  1. Login to admin.google.com
  2. Goto Device Management
  3. Then select "Chrome management"

  4. Then select "User settings"

  5. On the new screen, search for Geolocation (located under the Security area), Change this from "Allow user to configure" to "Allow sites to detect users' location"

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
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