What is the difference between Core and Premium?

Our Core Pass system includes the following features:

  • Live Hallway Dashboard (Real time hall data)
  • Limits / Blocking
    • Active Passes
    • Student Passes
    • Location Limits
    • Pass Restrictions
    • Student Meet-ups (Contact Control)
    • Recurring Pass Blocks
  • Appointment Passes
  • Auto Pass Functionality
  • Kiosk Passes
  • Custom Reports
  • Out of Office Functionality
  • Digital ID Cards
  • Substitute Functionality

The Premium Pass system includes all of the aforementioned features along with Tardy Management.

Tardy Management Features

  • Track Late to School (LTS) or Late to Class (LTC) infractions
  • Create and schedule detentions
  • Create a Consequence Ladder to help track tardy infractions
  • Keep track of the number of student tardy infractions via Tardy Reports and create appointments for students as necessary
  • Schedule detentions using the Appointment Pass feature
  • Mark TCH Passes as LTS or LTC
  • Upload tardy data to the Pass system
  • Limit the number of students who can serve a detention
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