How do I get users into my Pass system?

There are several ways to get users into your system, depending on the technical systems used at your school. 

Many of our schools utilize a 3rd party provider, such as Clever or ClassLink, to provision users into our system.  Once the connection with the 3rd party provider has been established, users are typically found in the system within 24 hours.

For schools that don’t use a 3rd party provider, they can get users into their system via a CSV user file that the school creates (using our template) and maintains throughout the course of the year.

Occasional a school may have the need to add an employee or an outside contractor.  Administrators can add these users manually, and they would log in to the system with a school email address and password.

For additional details about provisioning users into your system, please consult the Pass Admin Guide or reach out to our help desk.

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