How do I confirm that my nudity detection and quarantine workflow is set up correctly?

To ensure that customers can test Securly Aware's nudity detection and quarantine features, we have introduced a non-explicit test image for use when testing your Securly Aware deployment. This article will guide you through the process of using the designated test image to ensure that your workflow is operating as intended.

Step 1: Download the designated test image

Download this image and save as SecurlyImageNudityScanning.png  

Test image.png

Note: Once downloaded, do not adjust or modify the image in any way to ensure proper detection.

Step 2: Introduce the test image to Aware

Using a test student account, upload the test image to Google Drive or as an attachment in an email to another test student account.

Note: Make sure the test student account you are using is in an OU that is monitored by Aware.

Step 3: Wait and verify that quarantine triggers

Wait for Aware to detect and quarantine the image. Verify that the image has been successfully quarantined and notifications have been sent to the proper staff members according to your configuration.


By following these steps, you can confirm that the nudity detection and quarantine feature in Securly Aware is functioning as intended. This test ensures that inappropriate images are prevented from being shared, maintaining a safe digital environment for students. If you encounter any issues during this test or have further questions, please contact Securly Support for assistance.


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