Can I customize the blocked page content?


Whenever a user attempts to access a blocked category/domain/URL, a blocked page is displayed to him. The content on this blocked page can be customized if required.

You can customize the following aspects of the blocked page:

  1. Custom message
  2. Contact Admin or Temporary Allow button
  3. School Logo

Button Options

  1. Disable Contact Admin is set in global settings.  (Policy Editor > Global Settings > Disable Contact Admin)


  1. Policies with Allow Teachers to Approve Sites (Policy Editor > Each policy > Allow Teachers to Approve Sites)


Button Setting block page results

  1. No Button: Disabled Contact Admin checked. No policy with ‘Allow Teachers to Approve Sites’ or coming from an out of school IP address.


  1. Temporarily Allow Button: The temporarily allow option is only applicable in school with at least one policy with Temporarily Allow privileges.


  1. Contact Admin Button: In all other cases, the contact admin button will be displayed. Clicking the contact admin will open your default email client with information from the blocked event.


*Note that it is possible to temporarily allow a blocked site if the teacher deems it necessary. To learn how click here.

Change the Block Page Disclaimer Text

  1. Login to your Securly account
  2. Navigate to Policy Editor > Global Settings and enter your content in the ‘Blocked Page Disclaimer Text’ field.


Change school logo

The school logo can also be customised.  Please email for logo changes.


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