Unexpected Securly blocked page troubleshooting

Issue: You have a user that needs to troubleshoot an unexpectedly securly blocked web page 

Solution: Below are some troubleshooting questions and steps to give users when seeing an unexpected Securly blocked page

  1. Is the user logged into securly.com or useast-www.securly.com?
  2. Was the user on or off-campus when the blocked page occurred
  3. Can the user create a screen capturing video of logging in and browsing to the page that is being blocked? 

    If you need an app to record a video from your screen, jing.com has a free app that you can use to create a screen capture video with as well as Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder) offered by screencastify.com for Chrome.

  4. Has the user created a screenshot that contains the URL and the details of the blocked page message (Policy/Category/etc..)?
  5. Make sure the G Suite domain user account has been imported into the Securly Policy Map editor to ensure that the desired Securly Web Filter policy.
  6. The output from http://www.securly.com/app/session or http://useast-www.securly.com/app/session could be useful as well.

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