Unexpected Securly blocked page troubleshooting


Issue: You have a user that needs to troubleshoot an unexpected Securly blocked web page 

Solution: Below are some troubleshooting questions and steps to give users when seeing an unexpected Securly blocked page

  1. Is the user logged into securly.com or useast-www.securly.com
  2. Was the user on or off campus when the blocked page occurred
  3. Can the user create a screen capture video of logging in and browsing to the page that is being blocked. 

    If you need an application to record a video of your screen, jing.com has a free app that you can use to create the screen capture video with as well as Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder) offered by screencastify.com for Chrome.

  4. Have the user create a screenshot that contains the URL and the details of the blocked page message (Policy/Category/etc)
  5. Make sure the GAfE domain user account has been imported into the Securly Policy Map editor to insure that it is being served the desired Securly Web Filter policy
  6. the output from http://www.securly.com/app/session or http://useast-www.securly.com/app/session could be useful as well


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