Securly Certificate Replacement


This notification is intended for all customers who are using our DNS service and have Securly certificates deployed. As you might know, the Securly certificate is responsible to decrypting SSL traffic that come from hosts on your network that use the Securly DNS service for filtering. 

Please plan on deploying the attached (new) certificate on your non-Chromebook devices by March 30th. While doing so, it is important that you DO NOT delete your old Securly certificate.
Both Microsoft ( and Google ( have announced their intent to deprecate support for the SHA-1 algorithm. Our current certificate is signed using the SHA-1 hash algorithm. The new certificate is signed using the favored SHA-256 hash algorithm.
Deploying the new certificate will allow your users to continue browsing while maintaining a high level of confidence (no strange untrusted certificate errors thrown by browsers) in the systems that they use for instructional and classroom purposes.
On March 30th, we will end support for the current Securly certificate and switch support to the new certificate.
Should you have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to
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