How to manage multiple GSuite domains with Securly?


Sometimes, school admins are required to manage multiple GSuite domains for their schools. The Securly web filtering solution allows you to handle these multiple GSuite domains under a single administrative instance.

There are two types of configurations that exist in this case:

  1. You have two or more distinct GSuite domains - This means that you manage your domains via separate login credentials. In this case, the Organization Units (OUs) will have to be imported into Securly separately for each domain.
  2. One is a sub-domain of the other - This means that you manage the multiple GSuite domains using the same login credentials.

To have all your domains reflected in your Securly admin console, please contact Securly support at Make sure you indicate which are standalone domains or sub-domains so that they can be included appropriately by our support engineers.  

Once we have confirmed the change request to your account, the domain will be visible in the Securly admin panel under Policy Map - Import. At this point, you can import your OU's for the given domain.



For more information about domains within Google Apps, please refer to their KB here: 

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