How do I import OUs from G Suite to Securly?


With Securly you can integrate your G Suite with the Securly web filter and import all your OUs within a few minutes. This facility allows you to assign different policies for each of the OUs based on their requirements. 

First-time Users

If you have just signed up for Securly and are in the process of setting up your policies, you need to follow the steps below to import all your OUs from G Suite to Securly.

  1. Login to your Securly account. (Note that for security reasons only a super admin belonging to the primary domain can import OUs.)
  2. Navigate to the ‘Policy Map’ and click the ‘Sync OU Structure’ button.
  3. You will need to validate your credentials to help us verify that you are the super admin. 

Once your credentials are verified all OUs from G-Suite will be imported to Securly and displayed to you under the ‘Policy Map’.

Note that at this time all OUs would automatically be assigned the default policy. You need to create and assign other policies to the OUs separately. 


Updating OUs for new or moved users 

As the school year progresses you may move around students, staff or teachers to different OUs. These changes would need to be synced with Securly to ensure that the students’, staff members’ or teachers’ online activity is filtered as per policy. This happens dynamically as every user update in G-Suite is synced to Securly automatically.

If you delete an OU or change the name of an OU in G-Suite you would need to import all OUs manually for the changes to reflect in Securly.

If you are a Securly DNS user the changes to the policy applied to the user will be reflected immediately, even if the user is actively browsing the internet at that time. Chrome extension users can expect a 30-minute delay. If you do not find the updated OU information and policy assignment reflected in your Securly portal within 24 hours, please run a manual OU import to reconnect Securly with your G Suite account.

New G-Suite OUs

When you make a new OU in G-Suite the change needs to be manually synced with Securly.  This is usually the case in the summer when you are creating OUs for new the graduating year.  Or after a reorganization of your OU structure.

  1. Login to your Securly account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Policy Map’ and click the cloud icon. A list of all domains listed with us will be displayed. Select the domain for which you want to sync OUs. 


    3. Every manual OU import request requires verifying your credentials. Once verified, the OUs will be updated in Securly.

You can now go ahead and assign policies to any new OUs that you may have imported.

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