Teacher Whitelist Feature


Issue: How does the Teacher Whitelist feature work

Environment: All

Cause: N/A

Solution:  The teacher Whitelist option allows teachers to Whitelist blocked sites and make them available to the entire classroom. When a teacher White lists a site it is applied at the global level, meaning it applies to all polices and users.

Enable Setting

To give a user this option enable the setting "Allow OU Users to Approve Sites" on the target policy settings page. Policy Editor > Select Policy you want to have this feature > Enable option under settings

Feature Usage

When a student hits a block page they can request that a teacher or admin Whitelist the site. The teacher or admin clicks on the teacher Whitelist button and is asked to authenticate with their Google Apps account. 


Feature Options

By default the entries are permanent, you can optionally time-out Teacher whitelisted entries by modifying the "Expire Teacher White-listed Sites After (in minutes)" setting in Policy Editor > Global Settings.

The entries show up under Global Settings. 

Entries are logged in the audit log with user information under the tag twl_ttl.


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