How to Create Responder Groups in Securly Aware and Assign Organizational Units

Creating responder groups within Securly Aware allows for effective case management and ensures that the right team members are alerted to specific incidents. Follow this guide to create a responder group and assign the appropriate organizational units or security groups to it.

Step 1: Accessing the Staff Tab

  • Log in to the Securly Aware dashboard.
  • Navigate to the "Users" tab and then select the "Respond Groups" option.

Step 2: Initiating Responder Group Creation

  • Click on the "Create Respond Group" button.
  • In the pop-up window, provide a descriptive name for the group in the "What is this Respond group called?" field.
  • Add users by entering their email addresses, separated by commas, in the "Add user(s) by email" field.
  • Click "Create" to establish the new group.

Step 3: Assigning Visibility Over Organizational Units

  • After creating the group, you will be prompted to select which OUs or security groups the Respond group should have the ability to view cases for.
  • Check the boxes next to the relevant OUs or security groups. This will define the scope of cases that the responder group can access and manage.
  • If you need to search for specific OUs or security groups, use the "Search by Org. unit" function to quickly find them.

Step 4: Saving the Configuration

  • Once you have selected the desired OUs or security groups, click the "Save" button to apply these settings to the responder group.

Best Practices

  • Ensure that each responder group is given access only to the OUs or security groups relevant to their role to maintain privacy and efficiency.
  • Regularly review and update group configurations to adapt to changes in school or district structures.


By following these steps, you can create structured responder groups that are tailored to the needs of your organization. This setup is crucial for maintaining an organized and effective response system within Securly Aware.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about this process, please contact Securly Support for assistance.

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