How to exempt users from Forced Logins?


To allow Securly to efficiently monitor and report student activity we recommend that you enable Forced Login in the Global Settings.  In fact, we have mandated forced login from off-site to ensure maximum student safety.

The Force Logins settings ddonot affect Chromebooks (Chrome OS) using Securly. The user is identified by the device login.

However, at times you may want to exempt users from forced login e.g. younger students with limited typing skills or guests without GAFE accounts.

To do this you need to have more than one public IP. Schools with a single public IP would use the global setting to control Force Login for all users.


Forced Login Exemptions

  1. Route the desired traffic to the internet using a different public IP address than the devices requiring Force Logins.
    1. This may require modification to your internal network.
    2. An exception cannot be made based on internal network IP address (Example Internal addresses are hidden from Securly by NAT done at your firewall.


  1. Send the Force Login exempted public IP to


Guest Network Policy

The Guest Network Policy also does not require Force Logins. It also does not require the installation of an SSL certificate. To learn more about the Guest Network Policy, click here.


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