Take Home Policy


Issue: You want to create a specialized Take Home Policy

Environment: Take Home Customers

Cause: There are two typical reasons to create a Take Home Policy. 

A more relaxed Take Home Policy - Some sites are okay with students accessing a wider range of site categories at home. 

A more stringent Take Home Policy - A school's site policies allow categories that many parents do not allow at home. 

Solution:  You can create a Take Home Policy using the Policy Editor tool. To create a customized policy enable the check box "Is this a take Home Policy". When this box is enabled the policy will automatically be named Take Home Policy. By default all users will use the Take Home Policy when created. Only one Take Home Policy can be configured. 

If no Take Home Policy is configured users will use the onsite policy assigned to them. 

In some cases you may want to exclude a group of users from the Take Home Policy.  Any group of users assigned to their own policy can be excluded. In Policy Editor select the policy and check off the option " Exclude from Take-Home Policy" When this option is enabled the users in this policy will use the in-school policy when the device is offsite. 




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