How to create a take-home policy?


The Securly web filter allows you to create distinct policies for the different types of users to accommodate the unique requirements of each of the OUs. You can also create a unique Take Home Policy for users to provide a different level of filtering off-site. If the Take Home Policy is not present, the same filtering policy applies regardless of the location. Remember, filtering will only apply to devices that have Securly filtering solution (DNS, PAC file, or Chrome extension). Additional configuration may be required for off-site filtering.

Create a take-home policy

  1. Login to your Securly account
  2. Navigate to ‘Policy Editor’ and click ‘Create a Customized Policy’.


  1. A pop-up will be launched where you need to provide a policy name and click ‘Create Policy’. A new policy will be created.
  2. Check the ‘Is this a Take Home Policy?’ field.


Note that you can have only one take-home policy at any given time, and it will be applicable to all users unless you specify otherwise. You cannot assign OUs to the take-home policy.

Exclude users from take-home policy

  1. Navigate to Policy Editor and select the policy whose users you want to disable the take-home policy for.
  2. Check the ‘Exclude from Take-home Policy’ field.


Note that users who are excluded from Take Home Policy will have the same filtering policy on and off-site. This is the same functionality as if the Take Home Policy was not created. "Exclude from Take-home Policy” does not affect parent settings. 

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