Why does my user activity log not display user email addresses?

The user activity logs displayed under the Activities tabs display activity irrespective of whether users have authenticated themselves.

You may not see the user's email address against individual log entries if the user does not log in before starting his browsing session.

To ensure that user activity logs display a user's email address, you need to enable ‘Force Login’ for your users. To do this:

  1. Login to your Securly Filter Console
  2. Navigate to Policy Editor > Global Settings and check the checkbox against ‘Force Login’.

 Your users will now be forced to authenticate themselves before starting their browsing sessions, and their email addresses will be displayed against their activity in the activity log.

Note that if there are cases when Force Login is turned on, it will still show “anonymous user” for an username if a Force login exception is set for the public IP address. Also, the Guest Network Policy will not report users.


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