What is forced login?

To allow Securly to monitor and report student activity efficiently, we recommend that you enable Forced Login in the Global Settings. With forced login, users are required to log in to their Google or Azure AD accounts before starting their browsing sessions. This provides user names to match activity in the reports section. This ensures users are served the appropriate policy as determined by you for their OU.

Note that forced login is mandatory for off-site use to ensure maximum student safety.

Enable forced login

  1. Log in to Securly Filter.
  2. Navigate to the Policy Editor > Global Settings > toggle the switch to enable the 'Force Logins' field.


User experience

Whenever a user starts a browsing session for the first time, he will be prompted to log in.

  1. Depending upon the authentication mechanism used by the school, the student selects either 'Login with Google' or 'Login with Microsoft Azure AD'.


  1. If the student selects 'Login with Google, ' they will be directed to the Google 'Choose an account' page from where he can log in to his Google account.


Students can log into their Google or Azure AD accounts using these two simple steps and stay protected from inappropriate content and cyberbullies on the internet.

Azure login


New Azure Login is coming soon.

For schools with a heavy Windows or Mac environment, check the Securly AD SSO feature. This may offer a better end-user experience.  (To learn more about setting up Google AD SSO and Azure AD SSO, click here and here.)

If you would like to exempt a user from the force login feature, please refer to the article here.


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