Respond Capability Matrix

Feature / Function Description Access Level Actions Available
Login/Logout Secure access to the Securly Respond platform. All Responders Sign in to the system, sign out when done.
Dashboard Overview Main interface displaying the overview of all cases. All Responders View cases, monitor wellness levels, and review recent activity.
Case Assignment Assign cases to specific Responders or take ownership. All Responders Assign, reassign, or claim cases for follow-up.
Alert Notification Send alerts based on case details. All Responders Notify appropriate contacts, attach case details, and send out alerts.
Case Resolution Mark cases as resolved with details of the resolution. All Responders Resolve cases, specify action taken, and close cases.
Case Filtering Filter cases by various criteria like status, wellness level, and more. All Responders Apply filters to sort and prioritize cases.
Case Management Manage the progression and details of cases. All Responders Update case status, add notes, and track interventions.
Reporting Generate reports based on case data and outcomes. Admin-Level Responders Access and export reports for further analysis or record-keeping.
Wellness Tracking Monitor and track the wellness levels of students. All Responders Review wellness indicators and follow up on high-risk cases.
Historical Case Review Access resolved and historical cases for review. All Responders Review past cases, audit actions taken, and reassess resolved cases if needed.
Communication Tools Utilize built-in communication features for coordination. All Responders Use chat, email, and other communication tools within the platform.
User Management Add or remove users and manage their permissions. Admin Control which staff members have access to Securly Respond.
Integration with Systems Integrate Respond with other school systems. Admin Set up and manage integrations for seamless operations.
Training and Support Access training materials and support resources. All Responders Engage with training modules, attend webinars, and reach out for support.

This matrix provides a comprehensive overview of what Responders can do within Securly Respond. Each feature is tied to actionable items that Responders can perform, and the access level indicates whether all responders or only those with administrative privileges can perform these actions. This matrix can be used for training purposes, to delineate responsibilities, and to ensure that all users are aware of the full capabilities of Securly Respond.

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