How to customize parents’ access to student activity reports?

Along with customizing parents’ control levels, the school admins can control the information they share with parents via the weekly activity report emails or the Home app. Admins will now be able to select individual categories for both in-school and out-of-school activities. Reports and activities for only those categories will be displayed. 

Log in to your Filter console and navigate to the Parents page. Here scroll down to Report settings to customize the reports. You can choose to configure different activities to be shown for when the child is in school and out-of-school by choosing the relevant categories under the ‘Outside school’ and ‘In school’ tabs. 


The default is set to ‘Show all activity’, but you can choose to either disable all activities or customize your own. The activity matrix lists all categories, the types of activities (searches, sites, social posts, wiki, Youtube) applicable for each of the categories, and also Aware flagged activities if you are also an Aware user. You can select the checkboxes against each of these options and only that activity will be displayed to the parent in the Home app and the weekly activity reports. 

Once you have chosen your options, you can further save it as applying only to in-school activities, only outside-school activities, or both. The email reports and Home app activity display will be modified accordingly. 


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