Release notes - October 2023

On-Call and Respond: Together at Last

On-Call’s expert human analysis and Respond’s powerful case management features are now fully integrated. When you add On-Call + Respond to Aware, you can be confident that no student in need slips through the cracks.

How it works:

  • Respond generates a new student case for each alert, or adds the alert to the current student case if one already exists.
  • The On-Call team analyzes all cases. Non-urgent cases are verified and display a badge to indicate that they’ve been verified by On-Call.
  • When the On-Call team identifies an extreme risk, they will deliver notifications to your designated contacts immediately by email and phone/text (just like we do for On-Call-only customers).
  • You can see all cases in Respond and easily identify those that have been On-Call verified. By focusing only on cases that have already been verified, you virtually eliminate time wasted on false positives.

To learn more about Respond or On-Call, reach out to
your Securly representative, or book a demo here.

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