Release notes - Nov 2023

On-Call schedule management: A granular schedule management feature for managing the times, categories and types of cases when a particular contact should receive On-Call alerts is now available in the Aware console. Admins will be able to assign different contacts to receive alerts for specific categories, or risk levels at different times of the day with the intent of providing broader coverage across the day, without the risk of burning out any contacts with too many alerts. It will also give admins the visibility into level of coverage and adjust according to the contacts' availability or school schedules when required.

On-Call SMS automation: A configurable automated text messaging option is now available to schools for all On-Call alerts. Admins can choose to receive alerts via text messages along with email every time the On-Call team sends an alert. All contacts assigned to receive emails will receive text messages with this release.

Restricted access to Aware portal for faculty group: If a faculty group member belongs to more than one group, the admin can choose to provide them with different levels of access to the Aware console for each of the groups. The Faculty member would be able to access the Aware console but their access to the dashboard, activities etc. for each of the OUs may differ. For example, the faculty groups user might see dashboard details for OUs belonging to only group A and activities for only group B.


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