Customer Migration Plan: Transitioning from Dyknow Classroom to Securly Classroom

Section 1: Introduction and Background

Why is the Transition Happening?


We understand that transitions can raise questions and concerns. In this section, we will provide a comprehensive overview of why we are making the move from Dyknow Classroom to Securly Classroom. Our goal is to ensure transparency and clarity throughout this process.

The Evolution of Classroom Management

Over the years, technology has transformed how education is delivered and managed. As part of our commitment to delivering the best solutions for educators and students, we've replaced Dyknow Classroom with Securly Classroom. This transition represents an exciting evolution in classroom management technology, introducing new features, integrations, and enhanced support.

Benefits of Securly Classroom

Securly Classroom offers numerous benefits and improvements over Dyknow Classroom:

  • Enhanced Features
    • Securly Classroom provides a wide range of features, including two-way text chat between teachers and students, automatic class scheduling, screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, and more.
  • Seamless Integrations
    • With integrations like Canvas Assignments and Google Classroom Coursework, Securly Classroom simplifies the workflow for educators, making it easier to manage classrooms and assignments.
  • Improved Support
    • Our dedicated support team is committed to helping you make the transition smoothly, providing assistance and guidance every step of the way.

Long-term Viability

While Dyknow Classroom has served many schools effectively, planning for the future is essential. Technology evolves rapidly, and by transitioning to Securly Classroom, you can ensure that your classroom management solution remains up-to-date and aligned with current educational needs.

Support During Transition

We understand that change can be challenging, but please rest assured that you won't be alone during this transition. Our support team is here to assist you at every migration stage. Whether you have technical questions, need assistance with training, or require guidance on deployment, we are here to help—no additional costs involved.

Commitment to a Smooth Transition

We want to emphasize our commitment to providing you with a smooth transition experience. Our primary aim is to minimize disruption and ensure that your classroom management continues seamlessly with Securly Classroom.

The following sections will detail the timelines, steps, and resources available to support your transition from Dyknow Classroom to Securly Classroom.

Section 2: Transition Timeline


In this section, we will outline the timeline for the transition from Dyknow Classroom to Securly Classroom. Clear timelines are essential to ensure a smooth and organized migration process. Please review the following dates and milestones carefully to prepare for the transition.

Key Transition Dates

Date of Transition

June 1st, 2025 is the official End-of-Life (EOL) date for Dyknow Classroom for U.S.-based customers. The EOL date may vary for international customers, aligning with the end of their respective school years.

Transition Phases

The transition will be executed in phases to facilitate a well-managed process:

  • Preparation Phase: This phase begins immediately, allowing you to start preparations for the migration. You can request to switch to Securly Classroom at any time.
  • Deployment Phase: Deployment of Securly Classroom will commence upon your request. Our implementation team of Solutions Engineers will guide you through this phase.
  • Training Phase: After deployment, we will provide training resources and support to ensure a smooth transition for your teachers and administrators.
  • Ongoing Support: Our support team will continue to assist you during and after the transition to address any questions or concerns.

The Importance of Timely Action

To ensure a seamless transition, it's crucial to act promptly:

  • Start Early: Begin preparations and request the switch to Securly Classroom at your earliest convenience.
  • Allow Time for Deployment: Deployment may take some time, so initiating the process well in advance will help prevent any last-minute rushes.
  • Training and Familiarization: Training your teachers and administrators on Securly Classroom is a vital part of the transition. The sooner you start, the more comfortable your team will be with the new system.
  • Ongoing Support: Remember that our support team is here to assist you throughout the transition and beyond.

What to Expect Next

In the coming sections, we will provide detailed information about each phase of the transition process, including deployment steps and training resources. You will also learn how to initiate the switch to Securly Classroom.

Section 3: Preparation Phase


The Preparation Phase is the initial step in transitioning from Dyknow Classroom to Securly Classroom. During this phase, you will gather the information and resources needed to ensure a smooth migration. This section provides a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for the transition.

Step 1: Schedule a Kick-Off Call

Action Item: Contact Your Customer Success Manager (CSM)

  • Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to initiate the transition process. They will schedule a kick-off call with a Customer Success Engineer to discuss your transition plan.
  • During the kick-off call, you will:
    • Receive an overview of the transition process.
    • Discuss your specific needs and requirements.
    • Establish a timeline for deployment and training.

Step 2: Review Feature Comparison

Action Item: Understand the Advantages of Securly Classroom

  • Familiarize yourself with the features and capabilities of Securly Classroom by visiting our resources, including webinars, documentation, and the Securly Classroom User Guide.
  • Compare the features of Securly Classroom to your current Dyknow Classroom setup. Identify how Securly Classroom can benefit your institution.

Step 3: Prepare Your IT Team

Action Item: Ensure IT Team Readiness

  • Notify your IT team about the upcoming transition.
  • Share the deployment timeline and any technical requirements to ensure they are prepared for the implementation phase.

Step 4: Gather Roster Data

Action Item: Prepare Roster Data

  • Begin collecting and organizing your student and teacher roster data. This data will be used for roster synchronization in Securly Classroom.
  • Ensure your roster data is accurate and up-to-date to facilitate a smooth transition.

Step 5: Explore Training Resources

Action Item: Access Training Materials

  • Familiarize yourself with the training resources provided by Securly. These resources include on-demand tutorial videos and documentation.
  • Determine which training methods will best suit the needs of your teachers and administrators.

Step 6: Kick-Off Communication

Action Item: Internal Communication

  • Communicate the upcoming transition to your school's staff, including teachers and administrators. Keep them informed about the process and timelines.
  • Share the resources and training options available to prepare them for the change.

What to Expect Next

In Section 4, we will delve into the Deployment Phase, guiding you through the steps to initiate the deployment of Securly Classroom. The Preparation Phase sets the foundation for a successful transition, ensuring you have the necessary information and resources to proceed.

Section 4: Deployment Phase


In the Deployment Phase, you will begin implementing Securly Classroom in your institution. This section provides a step-by-step guide on how to deploy Securly Classroom smoothly.

Step 1: Technical Configuration

Action Item: Configure Securly Classroom

  • Work closely with Securly's implementation team to configure Securly Classroom according to your institution's requirements.
  • Ensure your IT team is actively engaged during this phase to effectively manage technical configurations.

Step 2: Roster Synchronization

Action Item: Sync Rosters

  • Collaborate with Securly's support team to synchronize your student and teacher rosters with Securly Classroom.
  • Verify the accuracy of the roster data to prevent any discrepancies during deployment.

Step 3: Teacher Training

Action Item: Train Your Teachers

  • Schedule training sessions for your teachers. These sessions will cover how to use Securly Classroom effectively.
  • Utilize Securly's training resources, including on-demand videos and documentation, to assist in teacher training.

Step 4: Technical Validation

Action Item: Ensure Smooth Functionality

  • Conduct technical validations to ensure that Securly Classroom functions correctly in your institution's environment.
  • Address any technical issues promptly to minimize disruptions.

Step 5: Pilot Testing

Action Item: Run Pilot Tests

  • Select a small group of teachers or classes to participate in a pilot test of Securly Classroom.
  • Gather feedback from pilot users to identify any additional training needs or adjustments to the configuration.

Step 6: Full Deployment

Action Item: Deploy to All Users

  • After successful pilot testing, proceed with the full deployment of Securly Classroom to all teachers and students.
  • Communicate the deployment schedule to your staff and provide them with any necessary instructions.

Step 7: Monitoring and Support

Action Item: Monitor Usage and Provide Support

  • Continuously monitor the usage of Securly Classroom in your institution.
  • Offer ongoing support to address any questions, concerns, or issues raised by teachers or administrators.

What to Expect Next

Section 5 will guide you through the Post-Deployment Phase, where you will learn how to evaluate the success of your transition and ensure that your institution is making the most of Securly Classroom.

Section 5: Post-Deployment Phase


The Post-Deployment Phase is where you evaluate the success of your transition and ensure that your institution is making the most of Securly Classroom. This section provides guidance on what to do after the software is deployed.

Step 1: Evaluate Transition Success

Action Item: Assess the Transition

  • Review the deployment to ensure it meets your institution's objectives.
  • Gather feedback from teachers and administrators to identify areas of improvement.

Step 2: Ongoing Training

Action Item: Provide Continuous Training

  • Continue to offer training resources for your teachers, especially new hires or those who may require additional support.
  • Encourage teachers to explore advanced features and capabilities to maximize the benefits of Securly Classroom.

Step 3: Monitor Usage

Action Item: Monitor Software Usage

  • Regularly monitor how teachers and students are using Securly Classroom.
  • Analyze data and usage patterns to identify opportunities for optimization and to ensure that the software aligns with your institution's goals.

Step 4: Address Concerns

Action Item: Address Issues Promptly

  • Be responsive to concerns or issues raised by teachers, administrators, or students.
  • Collaborate with Securly's support team to resolve any technical or functional problems.

Step 5: Stay Updated

Action Item: Keep Up with Software Updates

  • Stay informed about software updates and enhancements provided by Securly.
  • Plan for timely updates and communicate any changes to your staff as necessary.

Step 6: Leverage Support

Action Item: Utilize Support Resources

  • Encourage your staff to utilize Securly's support resources, including documentation, knowledge base articles, and customer support.
  • If necessary, engage with Securly's support team to address specific challenges or questions.

Step 7: Reporting and Analysis

Action Item: Analyze Data

  • Regularly review reports and data generated by Securly Classroom to gain insights into your institution's digital learning environment.
  • Use this data to inform decisions and improvements in the use of the software.

What's Next?

The successful transition to Securly Classroom is an ongoing process. In Section 6, we will outline how to maintain a positive and productive partnership with Securly to ensure that your institution continues to thrive with our software.

Section 6: Maintaining a Strong Partnership with Securly


Maintaining a strong and collaborative partnership with Securly is vital for the long-term success of your institution's digital learning environment. This section provides guidance on how to foster a positive relationship with Securly.

Step 1: Stay Informed

Action Item: Stay Updated

  • Regularly review Securly's communications, newsletters, and announcements.
  • Attend webinars, training sessions, and conferences hosted by Securly to stay informed about product updates and industry trends.

Step 2: Provide Feedback

Action Item: Share Your Insights

  • Share feedback, suggestions, and feature requests with Securly's customer support and product development teams.
  • Participate in user groups or advisory boards to directly influence the development of Securly's products.

Step 3: Collaborate on Solutions

Action Item: Work Together

  • Collaborate with Securly's support team to resolve any technical challenges or issues promptly.
  • Engage in discussions with Securly's account management team to align your institution's goals with Securly's offerings.

Step 4: Explore New Possibilities

Action Item: Innovate Together

  • Explore opportunities for innovation and new use cases for Securly's products within your institution.
  • Consider pilot programs for new Securly features or integrations that align with your institution's digital learning goals.

Step 5: Share Success Stories

Action Item: Highlight Achievements

  • Share success stories and case studies that demonstrate the positive impact of Securly Classroom within your institution.
  • Showcase how Securly has improved the digital learning experience for teachers, students, and administrators.

Step 6: Regular Check-Ins

Action Item: Maintain Open Communication

  • Schedule regular check-in meetings with Securly's account management team to discuss your institution's needs and challenges.
  • Use these meetings to ensure alignment and proactively address any concerns.

Step 7: Plan for the Future

Action Item: Strategic Planning

  • Work with Securly to develop a strategic plan that aligns with your institution's long-term goals for digital learning.
  • Discuss scalability, expansion, and any emerging needs to ensure that Securly continues to meet your requirements.

Section 7: Contact Information


This section provides essential contact information for reaching out to Securly for various needs, including technical support, account management, and general inquiries.

Technical Support

Action Item: Technical Assistance

If you encounter technical issues or require assistance with Securly's products, you can reach out to the Technical Support team:

  • Email:
  • Phone (US): [Provide the US support phone number]
  • Phone (International): [Provide the international support phone number]

Account Management

Action Item: Account-Related Inquiries

For questions related to your Securly account, licensing, or account management, please contact Securly's Account Management team:

  • Email:
  • Phone (US): [Provide the US account management phone number]
  • Phone (International): [Provide the international account management phone number]

General Inquiries

Action Item: General Questions

For general inquiries, information, or to explore how Securly can further support your institution's digital learning goals, you can contact Securly through the following channels:

Section 8: Additional Resources


This section provides a collection of additional resources that can aid in your transition from Dyknow Classroom to Securly Classroom. These resources are designed to offer comprehensive support, guidance, and assistance throughout the migration process.


Read t


User Guide

Action Item: Comprehensive Documentation

Refer to the Securly Classroom User Guide, a detailed document that covers all aspects of using Securly Classroom. It includes step-by-step instructions, FAQs, and helpful tips for teachers and administrators.

Knowledge Base

Action Item: Detailed Articles

Explore the Securly Knowledge Base, a repository of articles and tutorials that address common questions and issues. This resource offers in-depth explanations and solutions for a wide range of topics.

Webinars and Training

Action Item: Live and On-Demand Learning

Access live webinars and on-demand training sessions to enhance your understanding of Securly Classroom. These sessions cover various aspects of the platform, including setup, features, and best practices.

Professional Development

Action Item: Customized Training

Consider professional development opportunities tailored to your institution's needs. Securly offers fee-based customized training programs for teachers and administrators to ensure a smooth transition.


We understand that transitioning from Dyknow Classroom to Securly Classroom is a significant step, and we are committed to making this process as seamless as possible. This migration represents an exciting opportunity to enhance your classroom management and student safety capabilities. We value your partnership and are dedicated to ensuring your success with Securly Classroom.

Your Next Steps

Here's a quick summary of your next steps:

  • Contact Your Securly Account Manager: Reach out to your dedicated Securly Account Manager, [Insert Account Manager Name], at [Insert Account Manager Email]. They are here to assist you throughout the transition.
  • Explore Learning Resources: Visit our Securly Learning Portal to access free on-demand tutorial videos and resources to help you get started with Securly Classroom.
  • Schedule Your Transition: Contact Securly Support at to schedule your transition. Our team is ready to guide you through the process.
  • Share Feedback: We value your insights. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or specific requirements, please share them with us at
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your inbox for important communication from Securly regarding your transition timeline and updates.

Get Started Today

We encourage you to take the first step in your transition journey. Reach out to your Account Manager or Securly Support to kickstart your migration to Securly Classroom.

Thank you for choosing Securly as your partner in creating safe and effective digital learning environments. We look forward to supporting you during this transition and beyond.


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