Release Notes - October 2023

On-Call and Respond: Together at Last

On-Call’s expert human analysis and Respond’s powerful case management features are now fully integrated. When you add On-Call + Respond to Aware, you can be confident that no student in need slips through the cracks.

How it works:

  • Respond generates a new student case for each alert, or adds the alert to the current student case if one already exists.
  • The On-Call team analyzes all cases. Non-urgent cases are verified and display a badge to indicate that they’ve been verified by On-Call.
  • When the On-Call team identifies an extreme risk, they will deliver notifications to your designated contacts immediately by email and phone/text (just like we do for On-Call-only customers).
  • You can see all cases in Respond and easily identify those that have been On-Call verified. By focusing only on cases that have already been verified, you virtually eliminate time wasted on false positives.

To learn more about Respond or On-Call, reach out to
your Securly representative, or book a demo here.

Rhithm Tempo Scores in Aware

Gain additional insight into your students’ wellness with tempo scores from Rhithm. When you use both Rhithm and Aware, a student’s Rhithm tempo score is now visible in the Aware dashboard under the student’s wellness level. Clicking the tempo score will take you directly to the student’s record in Rhithm so you can easily investigate concerns.

To learn more about Rhithm, visit

Other Aware Updates

  • You can now mute Aware alerts after school hours. If you want to silence alerts after hours, you can define your school hours in Account Settings. (Note that if you also use Securly Filter, this setting will be synced.) When you activate this setting, no email alerts are generated on student activity flagged outside of school hours. However, the alert is still accessible in the Aware Activity Feed.
  • If your display language in Aware is set to Spanish, you will now receive quarantine notification emails in Spanish.
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