How do I lock students into a Google Classroom or Canvas Assignment that has links to other sites?

To lock students into a specific website or assignment that has links to other sites, you can use the Site Lock feature. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Web links menu and click Add Collection.2023-09-29_12-29-28.png
  2. Create a title for your collection, then click the Add button in the right panel to start adding sites.
  3. Enter your Google Classroom or Canvas Assignment as a new site, then add any additional new sites (or select from existing web links) until you have added all the sites your students will need for the assignment.
  4. While running your class, click the Site Lock button. If you want to apply the Site Lock to the entire class, do this with no students selected. If you want to apply Site Lock to individual students, select the students by checking the checkboxes in the upper left corner of their student card before clicking the Site Lock button.
  5. The Site Lock sidebar will open. Here, select the collection you made in the previous steps.

Remember, this will prevent students from browsing to other sites while the class session is running. If there are resources that should always be accessible, admins can enter these in the Allowed URLs section in Settings. These sites will be allowed during class sessions even when using Site Lock.

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