Release Notes - September 2023


Date Range Picker for Usage Explorer 

  1. Custom Date Selection:

    • Tailor your data insights by specifying custom start and end dates. Dive deeper into specific periods outside of the standard filters.
  2. Simplified Pre-set Ranges:

    • For quick insights, we've introduced four predefined ranges:
      • Last 3 Days
      • Last Week
      • Last Month
      • Custom Range
  3. Quick Calendar Views:

    • Navigate through dates effortlessly with our new monthly calendar view. A user-friendly way to select start and end dates.
  4. Auto Adjustment for Available Data:

    • Selecting a custom date range with no data? Our system has got you covered. It will automatically adjust to the closest available data period, ensuring you don’t miss out on important insights.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 2.31.25 PM.png

Version 1 Limitations:

  • Data display limited to All Activities.
  • Focused display sections: Website Usage and Application Usage.
  • Seeking additional data or have feedback? Click on “Looking for Something?” at the bottom of the screen to share your thoughts.

Coming in Version 2:

  • Drill-down into a single application
  • Display enhancements like "Student's Monitored by Day/Month", Application Profile, Grade Level, and Individual Student Breakdowns.

New Features

  • No new features added at this time. Coming soon!


  • On September 28th the code signing certificate the Reveal product uses to sign its applications and msi's will expire. We have transitioned to a brand new code signing certificate owned by Securly.
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