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This Knowledge Base article addresses some frequently asked questions regarding Securly Reveal, specifically focusing on subscription alerts and the deployment of Reveal on student devices.


How can I grant read-only access to admins in Securly Reveal?

To provide read-only access to admins in Securly Reveal, change their role to 'Tech Coach' within the admin settings. This role allows them to view specific sections of the dashboard without making changes, ensuring controlled access.


What is Securly Reveal and how does it work?

Securly’s Reveal module, previously known as Device Impact Measurement, is a tool that allows Administrators and Tech Coaches to collect and analyze student device usage data. This data can then be used to make more informed decisions about educational technology. The Reveal module automatically collects student device usage data during school hours, as determined by your Blackout Settings, even when teachers are not monitoring.


How do we push out Reveal to student devices, including laptops, Macs, and iPads?

Reveal currently supports Windows, Mac, and Chromebook agents for data gathering. These agents are typically imaged by district IT teams before students receive their devices. After the initial setup, the agents are configured for automatic updates. As for iPads, Reveal does not yet work on this platform.


How do I log in and reset my password for Securly Reveal?

To log in to Reveal, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Dyknow portal. Please note that this login is for educators only. There is no website or application to which students will login.
  2. Depending on your school’s setup, you may have several options to log in, such as through Classlink, Securly Device Console ID, or Dyknow ID. If you’re an existing Dyknow customer, click “Sign in with Dyknow ID”, enter your school email address into the “School Email” field, enter your password into the “Password” field, and click “Login”.

If you’re logging into Dyknow for the first time, or need to reset your password, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Follow the “Reset Password” instructions provided on the site. For security purposes, teacher passwords are not pre-loaded into Dyknow.

Please note that with the release of 8.3, users can no longer skip email verification when logging in with a non-verified account using an ID and password rather than a third-party authentication method such as Google. Please choose the “Verify” option to verify the account, or log in using an SSO option.


What is the purpose of the Usage Explorer in Securly Reveal?

The Usage Explorer in Securly Reveal is designed to provide useful reports and data to assist with analyzing technology use. It offers several reports to better understand website, application, popular usage time, and aggregate student volume. These reports can be filtered by school or time, providing a comprehensive view of technology usage within a specific context.



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