Securly's Comprehensive Approach to Web Filtering Implementation: SmartDNS, Extensions, SmartPAC, and GuestDNS

In the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, ensuring student safety and productive online learning experiences is paramount. To achieve this, educational institutions need robust web filtering solutions capable of adapting to various deployment scenarios. At Securly, we recognize the diversity of these scenarios and have developed a comprehensive approach that covers all the bases, including SmartDNS, Extension-based filtering, SmartPAC (Proxy Auto-Configuration), and GuestDNS. Our mission is to keep students safe without disrupting their online learning experience.

SmartDNS: Adapting to Network Complexities

In some network environments, SmartDNS is the most practical choice. Whether it's due to complex DNS configurations, the need for DNS-based filtering, or other network-specific factors, SmartDNS serves as a crucial component of our implementation strategy. Our commitment to student safety means that we provide full support for SmartDNS, ensuring that no matter the network, we can offer protection.

Extension-Based Filtering: Seamless Protection for On and Off-Campus

For many schools, Extension-based filtering is a preferred choice. It integrates directly into the web browser, offering a seamless experience with minimal configuration hassles. Securly understands the importance of providing options that align with the preferences of educational institutions. Our Extension-based filtering ensures that schools have the flexibility they need to maintain a safe online environment without introducing complexities. It's particularly useful for off-campus filtering, extending protection beyond the school network.

SmartPAC: Versatile and Dynamic 

Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) files offer another layer of control and customization for web filtering. Securly's SmartPAC solution is designed to cater to institutions that require granular control over internet access, especially in off-campus scenarios. With SmartPAC, schools can dynamically adapt filtering rules based on user profiles, device types, and more. We empower our customers with the tools they need to customize web access policies to suit their unique needs, both on and off-campus.

GuestDNS: Ensuring Safe Guest Access

Educational institutions often need to provide guest access while maintaining a secure environment. Securly's GuestDNS feature allows schools to extend their filtering capabilities to guest networks, ensuring that visitors also have safe online experiences. We understand the importance of balancing openness with security, and GuestDNS helps achieve that equilibrium.

Automatic Safe Mode: Eliminating Downtime

We understand that disruptions can occur even with the most robust filtering solutions. In the past, customers experienced downtime while engineers investigated issues before switching to Safe Mode. To eliminate this inconvenience, we've introduced Automatic Safe Mode for Securly Filter. This innovative feature automatically detects problems and seamlessly transitions the system into Safe Mode. This means zero downtime for our customers, ensuring uninterrupted online learning.

Choosing the Right Solution for Specific Scenarios

Securly's comprehensive approach to web filtering provides educational institutions with the flexibility to choose the right solution for specific scenarios and device types. Here's how each solution aligns with various deployment scenarios:

  • SmartDNS: Ideal for schools with complex DNS configurations or those requiring DNS-based filtering.
  • Extension-Based Filtering: Seamless and suitable for on and off-campus scenarios, especially when schools want minimal configuration and a smooth browsing experience.
  • SmartPAC: Offers granular control, making it a great choice for institutions that require dynamic web access policies, both on and off-campus.
  • GuestDNS: Ensures guest networks remain secure, extending filtering capabilities to visitors.
  • Automatic Safe Mode: Provides a safety net by automatically switching to Safe Mode during disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

In conclusion, our vision for web filtering implementation is rooted in versatility and reliability. We aim to cover all the vectors, adapt to network complexities, and provide solutions that seamlessly integrate with various environments. Our ultimate goal is to keep students safe, secure, and focused on their learning journey, irrespective of the challenges presented by the ever-changing digital landscape. With Securly, education and online safety go hand in hand.

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