What’s new In MDM 9.2

Remote Wipe for macOS Devices

A new command is available in device details to issue a “remote wipe” command to a Mac device. The command works on both DEP and non-DEP enrolled devices. This is currently supported for:

  • Intel Mac: PIN required
  • Apple Silicon: when bootstrap token is escrowed

Nucleus UI Preview Additions

Nucleus, the new UI for MDM, is currently in preview, which is feature-incomplete. Users can switch back and forth between Nucleus UI Preview and Classic view with the link at the top of the interface. The following new areas have been added to the preview since the previous release:

  • Content / Apps
  • Devices / iOS Device / Device Details
  • Devices / iOS Device / Security
  • Devices / iOS Device / Installed Books
  • Devices / iOS Device / Config Payloads
  • Devices / iOS Device / Assigned Apps
  • Devices / iOS Device / Access Rights
  • Devices / macOS Device / Device Details
  • Devices / macOS Device / Security
  • Devices / macOS Device / Installed Books
  • Devices / macOS Device / Config Payloads
  • Devices / macOS Device / Access Rights
  • Devices / tvOS Device / All sections

Checking out Nucleus UI for MDM?  We’d love to hear from you! Please post your comments, questions, or suggestions to the “MDM Nucleus UI Feedback” category in the Securly Lounge.

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