Release Notes (Sept 2023)

New Features 

No new features have been added to Visitor product at this time. Coming Soon! 


Securly Visitor CSV Uploads Streamlined!

We've streamlined the CSV file uploader for the Securly Visitor product.

What's Changed?

  • Simplified CSV Uploader: We've made it even easier for K-12 schools to set up and manage their visitor data by improving the CSV upload process for creating organizations and accounts. This means fewer fields to fill, less margin for error, and quicker setup times.

  • Enhanced UI: There's now no mention of “school type” in all locations within the product, making it consistent with other offerings in our Securly portfolio that create organizations and accounts.

Support & Resources:

All related documentation, including KB articles, has been updated to reflect these changes. In-product engagements have been setup to remind users to utilize the new CSV file template. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Removed Facebook link  from the staff onboarding Visitor email
  • Fixed an issue with scanning a driver's license when camera is zoomed in 
  • Fixed an issue where the pictures of visitors were not showing up for NC customers 
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