What does it mean to make a user "inactive" in Flex?

Making a Flex user “Inactive” is used primarily for adults (admins, teachers, staff) who no longer need access to the system.  It is not typically used for “students” because they are auto-archived when they are no longer shared with Flex.  (Auto-archiving is not yet available for adults, so making them inactive is an interim solution.)  

To change a user’s status to “Inactive” in Flex, do the following:

  1. From the “Users” screen, search for the user and do one of the following to change their status to “Inactive”. 
    • Click the green checkmark in the “Status” column and then “Confirm” at the message that appears. 
    • Click the pencil icon in the “Actions” column, toggle the “Active” button to off, and click “Update”.

  1. The inactive user will no longer be on the active users list and can no longer log into the system.  Admins can use the filters on the “Users” screen and select “Inactive” in the “Status” drop-down to see the list of “Inactive” users.  Please see the screen sample below.

  1. Inactive users can be made active again.  Simply use the filters on the “Users” screen to find the inactive user that you wish to reactivate.  Click the “X” in the “Status” column or pencil icon in the “Actions” column and proceed in order to change the user back to an “Active” status. 

The only time this might be used for a student is if you are not managing your students via a 3rd party sync or user file upload.  It is always best to auto-archive your students using the primary source of provisioning.  “Inactive” students appear throughout the system in search and rosters lists, whereas “archived” students do not.  

If you’ve added a student directly to the system but they are later included in a 3rd party sync or user file upload, go into the student’s user record and uncheck the “Prevent from Archiving” button.  They will then be managed by the “auto-archiving” process for that source of provisioning.

For more information on managing users in your Flex system, please refer to the “User Management” section in the Flex Admin Guide.

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