When will our users be updated in Flex for the new school year?

Once your SIS (Student Information System) updates with new users for the new school year, confirm they sync to Flex through your school’s provisioning method.  This would be through one of the following methods:

  • 3rd Party System:  Clever, ClassLink, or GG4L
  • User CSV File Upload

Clever / ClassLink / GG4L

  • When a school's SIS rolls over to the new year, users should be automatically updated in Flex with the next sync between the systems.
    • Typically, these syncs “pause” over the summer.  When the sync is turned back on and updated with users for the new year, users will then sync into Flex.
    • Flex syncs with 3rd party systems several times a day.  (Schools may only sync their SIS to a 3rd party system once per night.)
  • You may need to consider new staff or admins who may not be included in your 3rd party sync.
    • These users can be added via file upload or individually via the admin system interface.

User CSV File Uploads

  • Depending on how your school manages the user CSV file process, someone may need to pull an updated list of active users, confirm the file is in the right format, and then reload this into Flex (or send the file via SFTP).
  • Some schools have this process automated using scripts and SFTP.  These schools may only need to verify that Flex has been updated with new users, once the SIS has rolled over to the new year.  
  • There are many training resources available regarding user file uploads if you have questions.  Please see the following for more details:
    • Video:  “How to Create & Manage User Files”
    • Video:  “How to Upload a User File in Flex”
    • Document:  “How to Create & Manage User CSV Files”  

Users Who No Longer Need Flex Access

  • Adults & students who are no longer shared/synced from a 3rd party or uploaded via file will be automatically archived out of your Flex system.
  • If any users were added manually or directly to the system, these users will need to be archived "manually' by a system Admin when they no longer need access.  They will not be automatically archived.

Please Note:  If you have any technical changes such as email domains or 3rd party vendor changes, please create a request with the Flex Help Desk so we can help to ensure a smooth start to the new school year.    

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