When does the system "roll over" to the new school year?

The default system rollover is July 1 of the current year.  This is when the new school year is launched in Flex.  If you are a returning client, you will still have read-only access to last year’s Flex information via the “School Year” drop-down at the top of the menu bar.  Flex admins have the option to delay their school's rollover date.  (Admins - please see more information below.)


Once a Flex admin at your school has reviewed and updated any necessary settings in your Flex system, you can go in and start creating your groups (formerly rosters) and activities for the new school year.   Please follow any specific instructions that your admin team provides.  

It may be helpful to copy/paste certain activity information from the prior year.  If you are comfortable using dual screens, log in twice to Flex and navigate to the prior year on one screen, so that it's easier to copy last year's data that you may need.

Admin ONLY:

Please see the “New School Year Checklist” that is published every June for more information about the school year rollover.  This is available in the HELP > Documentation section of Flex.

Delay School Year Reset (optional feature)

Flex admins can go to “System Settings” and set the Delay of School Year date.  This will delay the Flex system rollover for that particular school.  (This is most beneficial for schools that use Flex over the summer.)  

Here are some additional parameters that apply:

  • The delayed date can only be between July 1 - September 30.  
  • Once July 1 passes, the delay date cannot be readjusted and the option will be unavailable until the following March.  
  • The window for adjusting the Delay of School Year date is March 1 - June 30.

Below is the “System Settings” screen where an admin can make this change during the designated time:

Please see the Flex Admin Guide, “Delay of School Year Reset” section for more information.

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