What's the difference between a private and a synced roster?

Rosters are lists of students in Flex that adults can link to activities to let the students on the roster know about a particular activity or to mandate the rostered students to attend an activity.  Rosters can also be used for the student search to see what a group of students has scheduled during flex.  

All adults (admins, teachers, and staff) can create “Private” or “Synced” rosters. 

Here are the definitions of each:

  • Private - A roster that can only be seen or used by the creator/owner of the roster.
  • Synced - A roster that is shared with all adults in the school’s Flex system.  All adults can see and use the roster.  Only the creator/owner and admins can edit the roster.  

A few key points to note:

  • Rosters can only be edited by the creator/owner of the roster or a system administrator.
  • Edits to rosters will be applied to master activities linked to the roster and any future scheduled activities using the roster.  If an activity is scheduled for “today”, the activity roster will be updated if it’s before the school’s cutoff time.
  • It is also possible to modify which students on the roster need to attend a particular activity by editing the activity and “deactivating” rostered students.  Students can be “added” to a particular activity, and not the master roster, by adding them to the “Additional Students” section.  

For additional information, please refer to the Flex HELP section for resources on creating and managing “Rosters”.

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