What’s New in Classroom 9.1 - July 2023

Version 9.1 of Securly Classroom releases July 2023.

New Features & Enhancements

Student Groups (Premium)

With the new Student Groups feature, teachers can easily group students based on their specific learning needs. This enables teachers to customize instruction, curate content, and communicate effectively with different groups in the same class.

For example, you can use Student Groups to segment students by reading level, co-teacher coverage, or whether they are in person or remote. Additionally, this feature can be used to manage and monitor students during testing sessions, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

Within an active classroom session, navigate to the Groups menu at the top of the class view. Click Add group and choose the students you want to include. For a comprehensive guide on creating student groups, refer to our detailed instructions available here


Enhanced Blocklist Management

Now teachers have greater flexibility when managing block lists while running a class. Teachers can now apply a block list while a class is running, or switch from an active block list to another one without ending the class.

The ‘Class Options’ menu makes managing block lists during a running session more accessible than ever. Teachers can click the new gear icon in the top right corner of the running class session screen to apply or switch block lists.

Additionally, teachers can now apply another user’s Site Lock collection not only in a live classroom session but also when they are creating classes manually or scheduling a class.

Thank you to Carrie B at Ceaser Rodney SD for the suggestion! 


Dynamic Session Options

With our latest update, teachers can now effortlessly modify session settings during an ongoing class session. The new class session options menu empowers educators to toggle student-initiated chat, enable or disable the hand raise function, and control chat sounds on student devices. Teachers can  click the new gear icon in the top right corner of the running class session screen to change session settings.


Product Updates

Faster Access to Student Screen Share (Premium)

Previously, to share a student screen with the rest of the class, teachers would need to navigate to the detail student view and click the share icon at the bottom of the image of the student's screen. Now they can share the student screen directly from the student thumbnail view by clicking on the three-dot menu. 


Re-Enabling Class Session Times

If you turn class scheduling off for a particular class, the schedule structure will be saved on the class details page, allowing teachers to re-enable scheduling later while keeping the same structure.


Sessions Settings View 

When starting a class, the expanded or collapsed state of the options panel for Session Settings will now be remembered.

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