What is the Cut List?

The Cut List is a report that is designed to show Admins/Staff which students were absent during Flex - or other “outliers” such as students who were late, not registered, or when attendance was not submitted.  In addition, if you are importing attendance from your Student Information System (SIS), Flex will compare this attendance to the Flex period attendance submitted by the teachers.  The results of this comparison will show students that may have cut the Flex period or have other “attendance discrepancies”.  

If a student’s attendance is the same in both the school’s SIS and the Flex period, the student is removed from the Cut List report.  At the beginning of the day, ALL students will show up on the Cut List report.  As the SIS and Flex period attendance are processed/submitted, student records are updated and will be removed from this report if the attendance is “Present” in both the SIS and Flex.  “SIS Absent” students are also removed from the report.  Ideally, the list has no students on it or is very small after all attendance has been submitted. 

 The report shows other “discrepancies or outliers” related to the Flex period attendance, such as when teachers do not submit their attendance, when students are not registered for an activity, and when a student shows up late excused/unexcused.

The Cut List report is color-coded.  Here is what the various colors and the “CUT STATUS” abbreviations mean:

The “SIS Attendance” column shows “Present” or “Absent” if the attendance is being imported from the SIS.  If the attendance is not being imported, this column will display “Present” as the default for all students.  

The “Attendance” column shows the attendance status submitted by the teacher for the Flex period.

Please note that if your school is using the “Catchall” functionality and a student does not register for an activity but is in the catchall, they will stay on the Cut List report with the status = “CUT – No Reg”, even if Catchall attendance is submitted in the system.

Please reference the “Flex Admin Guide” for additional information. 

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