What is Cutoff Time?

Cutoff time is when Flex locks registration and scheduling so that students and teachers can no longer make changes. The time is pre-determined and set by Admin for each Flex period. Please note, teachers can still Plus Add students after the cutoff time.  (For more details on how to add students after cutoff time, see the “Plus Adding Students” video.)

  • The cutoff time is often set for the same day, shortly before the Flex period begins.  
  • It can be set for a designated number of days prior to the Flex period. 
    • For example, it could be set for “1” day prior at 9:00 AM.  In this case, the cutoff would be at 9:00 AM on Monday for Tuesday’s Flex period; 9:00 AM on Tuesday for Wednesday’s Flex, etc.) 
    • Note: If your cutoff is set for a prior day (not = 0) then the Substitute features in the system will not work.   
  • It is not possible to designate a specific day of the week or date for the cutoff to be set or run.
    • For example, it is not possible to set a cutoff time for every Friday at 3:00 PM to apply for all days the following week.

When adding a new Flex period to the system, you will also have the option to set the Cutoff time. Please see the “Adding a New Flex Period” section of the Flex Admin Guide for details.

Extra tip:  Cutoff time is a setting you can adjust as needed so if your initial choice does not work, you can change it without issues.  Adjusting the cutoff after it has passed is also a viable workaround if admins or teachers need to make last-minute adjustments.  Just remember to put it back to the original time if it is a temporary change.

Below is a screenshot of the Flex Periods screen where cutoff time is set by an admin:

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