What is Catchall?

Catchall is where students are sent when they do not join an activity or are assigned one.  It is an optional feature but is frequently used.  Specifically, the system will send these students to a room or teacher that an Admin has designated for that flex period.  It will be the default “registration” showing on the student calendar until the student is registered for something else.

Here’s what it will look like on the student’s schedule:

There are 3 different options for Catchall as described below:

  1. Catchall by Room - The system will assign non-registered students to one room that has been set up by an Admin in the Flex system. For example, an auditorium or large group study hall room. Schools often position this as an unfavorable option in an effort to encourage students to register for activities. (Multiple adults can be given access to take attendance for Catchall by Room.)
  1. Homeroom Assignment  - The system will assign non-registered students to a designated teacher based on a file created and maintained by the school.  The teacher will see this as an activity on their calendar.  As these students register for other activities, the teacher will see the number of students registered for their “Homeroom” activity decrease. (“Homeroom” is just the default name, as this does not have to actually be the student’s homeroom.) This is set up in Flex by uploading a CSV file of student emails and the corresponding teacher email, to whom the student should be assigned.
  1. Homeroom by Schedule - This is very similar to the Homeroom Assignment functionality.  The system will assign non-registered students to a designated teacher, depending on the schedule for that day.  In this case, multiple CSV files created and maintained by the school (designating the student to the corresponding teacher) are set up in the system and linked to specific dates.  For example, if there are “A” and “B” days - a student can be assigned to a different teacher depending on which day it is.  Flex Admins must specify in the Flex period settings which file to run/load on which date.

Additional Notes:

  • In the above screenshot, “Catchall” is a Flex term that can be edited/changed to suit your school’s language/culture.
  • All catchall options can be used with lunch functionality in Flex.
  • Please see the videos listed below found in the Flex Help section for more details.
    • Catchall - Overview & Catchall by Room
    • Catchall - Homeroom Assignment & Homeroom by Schedule 
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