What happens when a student is scheduled in two of the same level mandatory activities?

If a student is scheduled in two (or more) of the same level mandatory activities, during the same flex period, the student will have a choice between the mandatory activities.  The first activity that is scheduled will be the default registration.  Prior to the school's cutoff time, the student has the option to select between the same-level mandatory activities that show on the student’s schedule.  

Below is an example of what this looks like for a student prior to the school’s cutoff time:

As a reminder, the mandatory priority levels that use a roster to mandate students into an activity, and function as described above, are:  Required, Priority, and Admin Required.  (The Plus Add level functions differently allowing only one teacher to plus add a student during a flex period.)  Also, “Admin Required” is only available to those with Admin-level access in the Flex system.  

For more information on Priority Levels, please reference our additional training material which can be found in the HELP menu within the Flex system.

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